Friday, July 29, 2016

Definite evidence of Chavez’s assassination will surface soon

In an essay commemorating the 62nd anniversary of Chavez’s birth, Argentinian author Atilio Borón says he is convinced the late president was assassinated. Borón claims that because of his achievements Chávez became “public enemy number 1 for the Empire.”

“That’s why they killed him, as is slowly being confirmed by the complex puzzle of evidence supporting this hypothesis. It won’t be long before we have concrete and definite evidence of this magnicidio. We know where the intellectual perpetrators live, we know the motives behind their vile decision, and we also know that Chavez’s death is inscribed in the long list of popular leaders assassinated in the five continents by the ‘serial murders’ in Washington.”

Borón has often subscribed to the thesis that Chávez was “inoculated” with cancer by his enemies. His own contribution to the theory is the idea that the CIA has been developing technology to inoculate cancer cells or to generate heart attacks in its enemies since the 70s which could be transmitted using a microphone. In an interview in August 2015, Borón said that “with the technological advances that there have been, I have no doubt that this people [the CIA] could have developed a vector to generate cancerogenic processes trough malign cells. (…) A trustworthy scientific source confessed to me that there are methods for activating radioactive processes of malign cells contained in a microphone, that could have been placed in front of the Head of State and that could have been activated by some sort of remote control to introduce the lethal microscopic particles.”

Monday, July 18, 2016

Non-conventional warfare trending topic

The hashtag #GuerraNoConvencional is number one Twitter trending topic today in Venezuela. Among much re-twitted items are four infographics explaining what the Venezuelan government says is a non-conventional warfare being waged against the country by its enemies.

The seven phases of the non-conventional warfare are described in the first infographic. In the first phase, the resistance (the opposition), with the support of the United States “conducts the psychological preparation of the population against the stablished government.” Following phases are conducted by Special Forces of the United States infiltrated in the country. They train “resistance cadres” which will conduct the final phases of “minimum combat” (I think they mean guarimba street protest by this.)

The second infographic explains several aspects and actors of the non-conventional warfare. “Imperialism” seems to be the dominant figure here. It coordinates everything form Colombian paramilitaries, infiltrated by “sectors of the national ultra-right” in order to commit crimes and terrorist actions, to local scarcity of basic products and sabotage of the electric grid. Included in this vast conspiracy controlled by the Empire are CNN and the “Bogota-Madrid-Miami axis.”

Infographics 3 and 4 deal specifically with the economic war. Parasitic business are linked to inflation and hoarding. Also, fracking and the black market dollar are thrown into the conspiracy equation. “Venezuela is the victim of a plan to internally sabotage the production and distribution of regulated food product,” is explained in the last picture.


These four images summarize a conspiracy of truly vast proportions, linking local and international actors of enormous power, capable of producing inflation, scarcity of basic product, street protests, electric blackouts, and common crime.     

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Economic war: more power to the military

There is only one way, according to president Maduro, to defeat the economic waged by the Empire and its local lackeys against Venezuela, by giving almost total powers over the economy to the military.

“The time has come, military brothers” said Maduro yesterday, “the time has come, compatriots, to win the unconventional war, by using production, work, peace, and the establishment of a new social and economic order, based on the culture of work and with one objective: solidarity, coexistence, peace, social happiness, in one word, socialism.”

This new order, explained the president, “is a virtuous system which will replace the savage and capitalist chaos imposed by parasitic factors of commercial capitalism, which have done so much harm to our people and our country.”

To lead in the construction of this new order, Maduro has named the Minister of Defense, general Vladimir Padrino López, as the commander of the new Great Mission for Sovereign and Secure Supply, which will be in charge of all matters related to production and supply in the country. Padrino López has been granted powers to make economic decisions in “real time”, and will respond solely to the also new Presidential Military Command, headed by Maduro.

Friday, July 8, 2016

State media through the eyes of a BBC correspondent

Former BBC correspondent in Venezuela, Juan Paullier, was back in the country for some days last week and decided to only watch the public TV channel Venezolana de Televisión (VTV).

Paullier was subjected to a 24 hours fare of conspiracy theorizing. This is part of his account:

[To watch only VTV] was to wake up in the morning listening to talks about “induced scarcity” and “non-conventional warfare,” to spend the afternoon seeing a conspiracy by the international right against the country, and going to bed with a discourse about an attempt to force a foreign intervention in Venezuela.(…)

At night the presenters of the program Zurda Konducta speak of Chavez’s “assassination” by the United States, and of a strategy by the opposition and business owners to “starve the people to death” and to force a foreign “invasion.”

You don’t have to be in Venezuela if you want to try Paullier’s experiment yourself: Watch VTV live via internet.  

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Tactical Looting Commandoes

The Venezuelan government is blaming opposition leaders for the serious looting incidents which took place in the city of Cumaná last week.

PSUV leader Diosdado Cabello claims that the opposition is mobilizing what he calls Tactical Looting Commandoes, organized by opposition party Voluntad Popular.

Voluntad Popular is arming commando groups that start looting, but we have unveiled the structure and the modus operandi of these armed groups,” said Cabello. “Their objective is to create shock groups to light the spark of chaotic violence which would force repression from security forces, they then take pictures [of the repression] in order to continue feeding the spiral of distress,” he added.

As evidence Cabello showed a video of a truck, he claims belongs to another opposition party Primero Justicia, allegedly transporting people to a looting site.

President Nicolas Maduro also accused the opposition of behind the looting incidents in Cumaná. “It was a group of payed criminals taken there in trucks,” said the president of the looters. He also said that several “instigators belonging to opposition parties” had been arrested.

In his public television program Con el Mazo Dando Cabello presented an infographic, later republished by state media, explaining how the Tactical Looting Commandoes operate.


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Madrid funding conspiracy

President Maduro has accused Madrid of being behind a conspiracy against his government.

“The oligarchic political, economic and media powers of Spain are financing destabilizing groups of the Venezuelan ultra-right,” said the President. “They have nowhere to hide. There is illegal funding from Spain to destabilize Venezuela,” he added.

Here is the report in Spanish published by the Venezuelan Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Comunicación e Información:

Desde Madrid se financia la conspiración en contra de Venezuela
Publicado: 14/06/2016
El jefe de Estado venezolano, Nicolás Maduro Moros, denunció que hay financiamiento de las oligarquías políticas, mediáticas y económicas de España hacia grupos desestabilizadores de la ultraderecha venezolana.
“Ya no tienen pudor en esconderse. Hay financiamiento ilegal desde España para desestabilizar a Venezuela en su obsesión por acabar el proyecto bolivariano y además porque el 26 de junio tienen elecciones, asunto de ellos, y están como locos desesperados buscando que en Venezuela pase algo y meterlo en la campaña interna de ellos”.
Hay un factor de la ultraderecha venezolana que tiene a Madrid como el centro de las operaciones financieras y políticas conspirativas en contra de Venezuela. “Tienen grandes fortunas, grandes casas, se están enriqueciendo, les dieron la nacionalidad a algunos de ellos” detalló.
El Presidente denunció que este grupo está haciendo de la causa anti bolivariana y anti chavista un gran negocio y abogó para que las autoridades españolas hagan una investigación sobre los negocios turbios que hace la ultraderecha venezolana en España utilizando ese país como una plataforma para conspirar contra una tierra de paz, como lo es Venezuela.
Es derecho de los venezolanos construir el modelo social, económico y político que mejor considere, a pesar de las dificultades, sentenció Maduro y refirió que España también tiene sus problemas en los cuales el gobierno venezolano no tiene injerencia alguna.
“Desde Madrid se conspira contra Venezuela y se financia la conspiración (…) La corrupción política de España se unió a la corrupción política de la ultraderecha venezolana” insistió durante la emisión 59 de su programa Contacto con Maduro.
Ante ello los venezolanos son los hijos, herederos directos del hombre de las dificultades: Simón Bolívar; y la Revolución Bolivariana seguirá cabalgando el siglo XXI como fue fundada: en paz, democrática, popular y por los caminos del socialismo.

Por: Bianca Borrero

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Meet Mr. CIA Mole

By TeleSUR

This video explains what the “Technique of the Moles” is all about about: “Moles are journalists, politicians, and informants recruited and paid by the CIA to erode the structures of the State.”

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Nano Weapon used to assassinate Chávez identified

Claims by Venezuela government officials that the cancer that killed president Chávez was “inoculated” by his enemies have been so far difficult to prove. Mainly, because the smoking gun used by the Empire to send cancer cells into the president’s body has not been found yet.

Things are about to change because Antonio Herrada, a writer for the web portal Aporrea, claims to have identified a “Nano weapon” used by the United States government to “invade his (Chávez’s) body with nano transporters with controlled directionality, which contained nano inductive particles with metastasis accelerators of controlled dosage, in short, a high-technology Nano weapon, in order to create in him an atypical aggressive cancer.”

This sophisticated weapon, according to Herrada, has many other amassing properties: “For five years the cancer tumor grew inside the soft tissues of the pelvic region without causing pain. This high precision level of the Nano weapon was achieved by incorporating organic substances to the Nano transporters, which would only link to the aimed cells, those found in the soft tissues of the pelvic region.”

The author has no doubt that this weapon will now be used against president Maduro. Only this time the Nano weapon will be fired against his brain…

Herrada’s piece is very long and covers many other conspiracy themes. Here is a selection of the Nano weapon paragraphs in Spanish:
La mayoría de los dueños de las empresas parásitas, pertenecen a la oligarquía enemiga de la Revolución Bolivariana creada por el expresidente Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías o Comandante Chávez, a quien el gobierno de Estado Unidos de Norteamérica EEUU asesino, invadiendo su cuerpo con Nano transportadores con direccionamiento controlado, que contenían nano partículas inductivas con aceleradores de metástasis de dosis controlada, es decir una Nano arma de muy alta tecnología, para crearle un cáncer atípico agresivo.
Fueron cinco años que el tumor cancerígeno estuvo creciendo sin causar molestias dentro de los cuerpos blandos de la región pélvica, esta precisión de la Nano arma se logró incorporando sustancias orgánicas al nano transportador, que se acoplan únicamente a un tipo de células diana, de las que solo se encuentran en los cuerpos blandos de la pelvis. La Nano arma una vez dentro del organismo se dirigieron como un misil teledirigido a la región pélvica.
Fue a mediados del año 2.011 cuando se detecto el tumor cancerígeno, era del tamaño de una pelota de béisbol, ya las nano partículas inductivas con aceleradores de metástasis habían invadido los núcleos de las células, depositando su carga mortal causando metamorfosis a las células, originando un cáncer agresivo y atípico en varias partes de su organismo. Los EEUU conocía con precisión los tiempos de desarrollo de la enfermedad y sincronizadamente fue activando las acciones dentro de este periodo de tiempo de cinco años, en este período: la oposición retiro todos los candidatos de las elecciones parlamentarias del 04/12/2.005, fue una decisión de última hora ya que estaban a la espera de que EEUU lo ordenará, porque tenían que cerciorarse bien del éxito del ataque con la Nano arma.
Por todo lo expuesto se puede presumir que la Nano arma ya esta programada, cargada y será utilizada en contra del presidente Maduro, para que se dirija al cerebro donde lentamente dosificara una nano partícula, que le provocará un Accidente Cerebro Vascular ACV, ocasionándole la muerte o un daño que lo inhabilite del cargo. La oposición ya ha adelantado desde el parlamento leyes que entrarían en vigencia si alcanzan el poder político, leyes que nos regresarían al pasado donde reinaba la impunidad y la entrega del país. Mientras tanto la oposición sigue simulando ser demócratas recolectando firmas para cambiarlas por espejitos.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

State of Emergency Decree

This week president Maduro decreed a new “State of Constitutional Exception and of Economic emergency” in order to, according to the Agencia Venezolana de Noticias, “protect the people from the constant attacks by the international right, allied with the axis of imperial power.”

“This new decree is to defeat the coup, the economic war, to socially stabilize our country and to face the current national and international threats against our country. (…) Venezuela is in this moment under international threat. Today (…) there was a conspiracy meeting against Venezuela (in which Colombian) ex-president Álvaro Uribe has asked for the intervention of international armies against Venezuela,” said Maduro.

The emergency decree has not yet been published and its details are unknown. However Maduro explained that it will extend for another 60 days the already existing economic emergency decree, only now the executive will have “wider political powers.”

According to REUTERS, U.S. intelligence officials warned this week that “one ‘plausible’ scenario would be that Maduro’s own party or powerful political figures would force him out and would not rule out the possibility of a military coup. Still, they said there was no evidence of any active plotting or that he had lost support from the country’s generals.

But REUTERS also quotes the official's concern about accusations by the Venezuelan government of U.S.-aided conspiracies against the country: “The officials appeared to acknowledge that Washington has little leverage in how the situation unfolds in Venezuela, where any U.S. role draws government accusations of U.S.-aided conspiracies. Instead, the administration of President Barack Obama wants "regional" efforts to help keep the country from sliding into chaos.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

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